How do I cook the pre-marinated meats?

Cooking our pre-marinated meats is simple! Just follow the instructions on the package by scanning the QR code or visit “How to cook” section on our website for detailed cooking

Are your pre-marinated meats suitable for grilling?

Definitely, our pre-marinated meats are perfect for grilling.

Click here for easy grilling instructions!

How long can I store the pre-marinated meats in the refrigerator before cooking?

For optimal freshness, we recommend cooking the pre-marinated meats within the specified timeframe mentioned on the packaging. Typically, it’s best to cook within a few days of purchase.

Where can I buy your pre-marinated meats?

You can find our products at select grocery stores, and online retailers. Visit the “Store Locator” section on our website to find a store near you or “Buy Now” to make a purchase online.

How can I provide feedback on the quality of your pre-marinated meats?

Your feedback is very important to us! Feel free to share your thoughts through our website under “Contact us”. We appreciate hearing about your experiences.

What can I cook with La Herencia pre-marinated meats?

We love sharing our family’s recipes! Find inspiration for deliciously authentic side dishes on our website.