Your Style, Your Tacos

La Herencia® marinated taco meats are the perfect complement to your busy lifestyle. From busy moms to gamers and tailgaters, our products offer a convenient, high-quality choice of authentic street taco meats for busy people on the go.

Made with the strictest quality standards, our marinated meats feature enticing, savory flavors that can be enjoyed in just about 15 minutes or less.

The Quality You Deserve

What truly sets La Herencia® apart is our relentless focus on quality, tradition, and authenticity. Our parent company, JBS Foods, is a global leader in the protein industry and our products are enjoyed by billions of people around the world. When people anywhere get together, chances are our products are right there with them, joining in the occasion.

Either as a quick bite, or as an entrée to be shared with friends and family, you can trust La Herencia® marinated taco meats to provide the distinctive, mouth-watering taste of genuine street tacos.


Inspiration never tasted so good