La Herencia® Chimichurri Beef Tacos with Corn

Ingredients for the Tacos

  • 1 package La Herencia® Chimichurri

  • Olive oil

  • Corn tortillas

  • ½ white onion chopped

  • ¼ cup fresh cilantro

  • 3 limes wedges

  • Red salsa (to preference)

Ingredients for Corn

  • 4 ears of corn shuked

  • Water (enough to cover corn)

  • ½ cup mayonnaise

  • ¼ cup margarine

  • 1 cup queso cotija

  • Sprinkle chili powder

Instructions for Chimichurri Tacos

Chop white onion, cilantro, and limes. Preheat skillet to medium-high heat. Add olive oil. Place La Herencia® Chimichurri Cook for 4 minutes covered, flip, and continue to cook for 3 additional minutes covered or until internal temperature of 145°F is reached on instant read thermometer. Remove from heat, let rest for 3 minutes, place in a cutting board and thinly slice meat.

Heat tortillas in pan. Begin assemblance of Chimichurri beef taco, on warm tortilla place La Herencia® Chimichurri beef, onion, cilantro, red salsa, and squirt juice of lime.

Instructions for corn

Remove the corn stalks. In a pot with 4 ears of corn fill with water until corn is covered. Bring water to boil and allow corn to cook for about 8 minutes or until tender.

Remove corn from water and insert wooden stick into core. Squirt lime around corn, using a silicone spatula spread margarine, and mayonnaise. Coat with queso cotija, and sprinkled chili powder.

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